Technology that serves You and the Environment

Technologies of the future change our lives. The world changes and we change with it. However, we take an active part in creating the future.

Together we can go farther and faster, and we can achieve more. Therefore, we give our Partners a unique chance to carry out their plans together with the best business people in Poland and in Europe. By pooling our capabilities, knowledge and experience, we create a business group with a huge potential.  In this way, your monthly income may soon run into tens of thousands. Have you ever considered how your life would change if your present income grew by several thousand or even tens of thousands? … or by as much as you want?

Who are we looking for?

We are looking forward to establishing partnership work with companies whose business partners are interested in state-of-the-art technology solutions.

What do we offer to our Partners?

Our cooperation work will give you a number of rights and privileges which will support the development of your Company, such as:

  • An exclusive membership of a group of successful Entrepreneurs motivated by passion and ambition
  • A share in profits in a business worth billions of zlotys
  • Participation in a business undertaking on a European scale
  • An opportunity to include some state-of-the-art products into your portfolio
  • Training opportunities to support your specialized development
  • An attractive operating bonus and unique, regular long-term passive income resulting from the laws of the market.
  • Marketing support in the form of participation in joint marketing campaigns
  • Access to advertising materials

Assistance and support of top-level IT, marketing and sales professionals

How to join our Authorized Partners?

  • Use the recommendations and send us an application.
  • Representatives of selected companies will be invited to an interview.
  • Following a positive assessment during the interview, the candidates for our Authorized Partners will participate in a series of basic training seminars.
  • The best performers will join our Team.


Contact us

Please contact us for any questions you might have.
We will be happy to answer them in detail.

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