A system for street-light monitoring and control


Direct benefits

The key direct benefit is the reduction of all costs. With our system, we reduce the cost of electricity consumption, street lighting, as well as the local authorities, and the cost of infrastructural investment.

Smart Light ensures that the lighting system is perfectly tailored to your needs – a power reducer, network management system or remote reading of key parameters are only some of the many advantages which make it an ideal product.


Indirect benefits

Environmental protection, lower CO2 emissions, improved lighting quality and, in result, improved quality of life and satisfaction of the local population, are certainly among indirect benefits attributable to Smart Light.

Market advantage


Smart Light

A system for remote monitoring and management of the electricity network.

Smart Light is a multi-functional system delivering complete data from the distribution network for the analysis and active management of the network with automatic solutions. Smart Aqua offers the possibility to fully manage the needs of both large and small end users, and at the same time to control the production, change and prosumption.


Key Smart Light functionalities

  • Electricity flow and consumption monitoring
  • Network control
  • Lighting output monitoring
  • A management panel for each participant of the management process
  • Geolocation and inventory of network components
  • Adjustment of the amount of light to the actual traffic and weather conditions



  • Centralized, direct reading in real time
  • Direct centralized communication between the measuring devices
  • No human factor


  • Full overview in all web browsers
  • Cloud computing technology
  • Remote view of the system on all mobile devices


  • Impersonal retrieval of meter data via the GSM network
  • An application for remote data capture and analysis
  • Ready infrastructure for the transfer of data (operators’ combined network)


  • Instant online access to up-to-date (no more than 48 hours old) readings of all measuring devices in the system
  • Real-time availability of alarm information – the possibility to respond to alarms within 90 seconds of an incident


  • Possible expansion of the system with new functional modules such as: e-invoice, maintenance module etc
  • An easily expandable system
  • You only buy the modules you need


  • High-quality data transfer
  • A selection of measuring devices from the best Polish and foreign manufacturers
  • No visual readings or readings declared by the end users



As the manufacturer of top-quality specialist electronic equipment for property protection, data reading systems, automatic systems and monitoring of equipment status, we ensure the highest level of quality of measuring and communication devices.

With our large range of products and proprietary technical solutions, we are able to ensure flexibility in tailoring each device to the Customer’s individual needs.

Both our hardware and software are based on innovative technology solutions. In order to ensure the highest quality of our products, we employ competent engineering staff. This clearly gives us the best experience and knowledge unavailable to the competition. The devices manufactured by us operate in the tightness class of up to IP 68 and are based on data transmission in the GSM standard.



The financing system is flexible and depends on the average cost of the measuring device, the value of the SM Icom system implementation, and average assembly and training service value. The cost of the communicator may be spread over 10 years, which means that it can even be purchased for PLN 10. By offering a number of financing options, we are willing to adjust to the company’s expectations. The unit cost for the use of the system may run at PLN 2.5 per month per measuring device, ensuring: network monitoring – 240 readings/month, reading every 3 hours, alarm within 90 seconds.

Purchase of a GSM communicator with a 10-year financing period: even PLN 10

Monthly cost of the service: even PLN 2.5


  • 240 readings/month
  • Reading every 3 hours
  • Network monitoring
  • Alarm within 90 seconds


  • No concentrators
  • No terminals (PSION)
  • No additional transmission infrastructure
  • No need to move and enter data
  • No outsourcing


01. What is Smart Grid – the automatic grid module?

The idea behind Smart Grid is full grid automation by direct grid control on the basis of data retrieved via two-way real-time communications. What makes this possible is a real analysis of the grid performance and the actual external conditions. It enables the creation of an active grid model.

02. What requirements must be met in order to be able to implement SM Icom?

There are no technology-related requirements concerning the implementation. The company should ensure cooperation with regard to the implementation of the customer database, equipment databases and other measures.

03. Who may implement the system?

The product is designed for:

  • waterworks, homeowner associations, housing cooperatives – water
  • licensed gas distributors – gas
  • combined heat and power plants, heat-only plants, waterworks and district heating providers – heating
  • DNOs – distribution network operators licensed by the Polish Energy Regulatory Office (URE) – electricity
  • Utility providers responsible for waste management
  • Local government or their companies operating power and lighting networks
  • Private companies operating a large number of points of service or distribution for the purpose of utility management
04. Are you certified for secure data processing?

Our company holds the consents and data security permits required by the Polish Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO). Data is protected by the best-quality protocols known on the Polish and global market.

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