Basic features

  • Smart Station with (depending on the location):
    • Electric car charging module 2 x 22 kW
    • Electric car charging module 2 x 50 kW
    • Water module – access to drinking water
    • Customized module – customized lower section of the Smart Station
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Phone charging: induction and USB
  • Interactive touch panel with information desk and selected apps


Additional features

  • BigData – data gathering and processing (segmentation, analysis, inference and prediction)
  • Statistical tests of the target group: demographic (age, sex, place, population), behavioral (rate, bill, data usage), context (apps used: drivers – paid satellite navigation apps, parents – parenting apps)
  • Traffic analysis
  • Public and social analysis
  • Commercial analysis
  • Mobile marketing for direct and personalized access to customers:
    • Geotrapping – advertising campaigns targeted at the right customers, depending on their geographical background
    • Geolocation – customer-based marketing campaign reach
    • SMS, PUSH, MMS – offers delivered directly to customers at a specific time and location near a shopping mall
  • Contactless payment: card, phone
  • Outdoor marketing:
    • Ads displayed on device screens
    • Logo displayed on selected or all devices
    • Road sign/direction sign function
  • Security functions – 360° visual online monitoring
  • Panic button
  • Breathalyzer
  • Smog sensor
  • Other – (customized)

Smart Station

The latest solution we would like to present to you is a total novelty nationwide: Smart Station.

Why us?

We give you opportunities; it is up to you to use them. Our devices and system are ahead of their time. Those who are with us are visionaries, together we create the future. It will belong to smart solutions, of which we are pioneers.
Think about whether you are ready for state-of-the-art solutions.
Ask yourself why some of the most buoyant entrepreneurs invest their precious time in order to participate in our team meetings at least once a month.
What makes business people build cooperation with us and share our vision?
Are you open-minded enough to join this elite group?

What is our project about?

Smart Station is the world’s first concept of digital stations: a drinking water and an electric car charging station.

The idea behind it was to ensure that basic needs of the population in a broad sense can be met in public space


Who is Smart Station for?

The target group of the product is the entire urban and rural population. Not only active people, like bikers or joggers, but also families with children, students and tourists, as well as persons with disabilities in wheelchairs. In a nutshell: our Smart Station may be used by all those who are willing or need to do so. This group also includes all kinds of institutional customers.


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