Tourism management system


An increase in the sales of tourist services is among the key long-term benefits. This will demonstrate itself through increased quality – leading to the tourist’s higher satisfaction and intensified tourist traffic (strengthened tourist infrastructure and increased private investment and activity).


Smart Tour

Smart Tour is a system solution for the management of the region’s tourism.

The idea behind Smart Tour is to increase the tourist traffic in a specific region by initiating local businesses, strengthening the cooperation among local governments, and efficient use of financial tools for promotional purposes.

Key Smart Light functionalities

  • tourist service panel
  • statistic service panel
  • brand panel
  • admin panel
  • tourist’s panel
  • statistic panel

Loyalty program

For the tourist:

Every tourist may expect points, which are granted both for the trails visited and for website participation itself. The distribution of points will be balanced, and awards may be expected for reaching a specific score.

For providers of tourist services:

Providers of tourist services may also expect points. The score will depend on the customer feedback. They will also be entitled to the “region brand” point scale.


Narzędzia z których korzystamy

Our tools in daily practice include real-time analyses of the “region brand”, as well as diagrams, summaries and local government tables.

We also use a website. It is a comprehensive and reliable source of information about the region with clear information architecture, demonstrated by an intuitive interface. It also includes a useful price comparison engine and an interactive tourist map (web-based and mobile).



The financing system is flexible and depends on the average cost of the measuring device, the value of the system implementation, and average training service value. The costs may be spread over 10 years. By offering a number of financing options, we are willing to adjust to the company’s expectations.


01. What is Smart Grid – the automatic grid module?
The idea behind a Smart Grid is full grid automation by direct grid control on the basis of data retrieved via two-way real-time communications. What makes this possible is a real analysis of the grid performance and the actual external conditions. It enables the creation of an active grid model.
02. What requirements must be met in order to be able to implement SM Icom?
There are no technology-related requirements concerning the implementation. The company should ensure cooperation with regard to the implementation of the customer database, equipment databases and other measures.
03. Who may implement the system?
The product is designed for:

  • waterworks, homeowner associations, housing cooperatives – water
  • licensed gas distributors – gas
  • combined heat and power plants, heat-only plants, waterworks and district heating providers – heating
  • DNOs – distribution network operators licensed by the Polish Energy Regulatory Office (URE) – electricity
  • Utility providers responsible for waste management
  • Local government or their companies operating power and lighting networks.
  • Private companies operating a large number of points of service or distribution for the purpose of utility management.
04. Are you certified for secure data processing?
Our company holds the consents and data security permits required by the Polish Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO). Data is protected by the best-quality protocols known on the Polish and global market.

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