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For almost two years on the streets of New York, one of the most intelligent cities in the world, traditional telephone booths have been disappearing due to the introduction of multifunctional digital booths. The booths function as Wi-Fi hot spots, city services and maps access points, mobile devices charging points, as well as free emergency or interior calls facilities. Similar devices called Smart Stations have started to appear also in the streets of Polish cities.

Smart Station devices has been developed and produced with the help of Smart Cities Company from Warsaw. The Polish device has more functions than the New York one, which makes it a very attractive product.

Smart Station for city inhabitants and tourists 

Smart Station users have access not only to Wi-Fi or city information on LCD  touch screens but also to mobile charging services with the use of an USB connection or cordlessly. Besides, the devices enable payment for public or commercial services such as public transport tickets and booking accommodation.  Additionally, Smart Station can be used by loyalty programs for tourists.

Still, the main difference  which makes Smart Station unique is water. In recent years drinking mineral water access points located in the streets or parks  of Polish cities have become ever more popular. Smart Station is such a point.

“Smart Station is the first digital and multifunctional drinking water access point in the world”- Szymon Kapturski, Sales Director of Smart Cities. “It can be installed in a busy street, a city pedestrian area, a park or on a tourist trail. Instead of investing separately in drinking water, information boards, maps or monitoring, it is more effective to connect the functions in one device”- he adds.   It is worth noting that the device can provide water for people as well as for  accompanying them animals dues to a dispenser installed at a lower level of the station.

Smart Station can also charge electric cars, which fits in the electromobility development program in Poland.

Smart Station for cities

The installation of a multifunctional Smart Station is profitable for both inhabitants and tourists. Smart Station is also a powerful tool for managing a modern city. Due to the device city authorities are equipped with a wonderful channel of bilateral communication with inhabitants and visitors.

The touch screen can display city information and alerts as well as conduct surveys among city dwellers. Besides, Smart Station can send messages to smartphones located nearby. The station can be additionally equipped in a city monitoring system of the public space around the device.

From a city’s perspective  it is important to collect anonymous data about city traffic and tourist intensity.

“Smart Station is, therefore, also a free high quality database of statistics about tourists’ preferences or traffic in strategic city areas. The data analysis helps create long term marketing strategies, city infrastructure improvements or better communication management” – explains Szymon Kapturski from Smart Cities company.  Big data can be useful for new city investment plans, tourist attractions design, city services management, such as, for examples, planning a number of municipal policy patrols. What is more, Smart Station can also serve as a hub which collects data from sensors located nearby (for example intelligent water or heat meters in buildings)  which are then collectively sent to city services operators.

Smart Station for local business 

Smart Station is an interesting solution improving public city space appearance. In 2015  the so called landscape law was passed which provides local authorities with more effective tools for protecting space due to, among others, setting local rules concerning  outdoor advertising, outdoor advertisement installation payment and investors breaking those rules.  At present, numerous self-governments are passing local rules to limit outdoor advertising. The companies dealing with this type of advertising do not like the changes. Smart Station can, therefore, be an option which will help reach a compromise between local authorities aiming at managing outdoor advertising chaos and businessmen who need advertising space.

The LCD screen  installed in a Smart Station enables displaying high quality publicity content which can be precisely targeted at a given recipient.

How much is a Smart Station installation?

This multifunctional device must be expensive so think numerous city policy-makers. As it turns out, not necessarily.

“A Smart Station advantages include easy installation,  weather conditions resistance and low maintenance costs” – says Szymon Kapturski. These advantages have helped the Smart Cities group to prepare a business model which minimalizes financial barriers for local authorities. A Smart Station with a water function is available for perennial lease (see the special offer) for 36 months. A monthly netto price starts at just slightly above 1000 PLN for one device. The price includes full technical, information technology and information support by the company.

Bartosz Dominiak
Smart City Blog

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