Smart Tour is  Our Future

You must understand the tourist and their needs to develop – says Szymon Kapturski, marketing director of Smart Cities- intelligent solutions for cities.

What does Smart Cities do? 

With the use of our own technology we create pioneer solutions for cities, such as Smart Aqua, Smart Station or Smart Light which enable using water resources and managing sewage effectively, as well as lowering the cost of energy use and heat. Smart Station, which is being launched just now, is the most recent solution. This solution targets, first of all,  Local Tourist Organizations and Regional Tourist Organizations, but also other subjects responsible for tourism and publicizing  given regions.

What is Smart Station and how does it work? 

Smart station is the first digital, multifunctional drinking water or electricity charging station in the world. It can be installed, for example, on a hiking trail, in a parking lot or in a city. It provides free access to water, Wi-Fi within 100 meters, telephone charging in two ways – by induction, that is cordlessly, and with the use of a USB cable, electric cars charging, as well as access to city or tourist information on a touch screen.  In the future we would like to equip the stations with cameras and innovative functions of city traffic and tourist data storage, as well as introduce the possibility of paying by card for various services, such as accommodation or parking. The Smart Station system is easily installed, resistant to weather conditions and cheap in maintenance. As such it provides for the contemporary man’s needs. In the future the system will become a necessity.

What are the advantages of installing Smart Station?

Instead of investing in particular drinking water points, information boards, maps or monitoring, it is cheaper and more effective to combine the functions in one device. Smart Station is also an excellent publicity tool. It improves the image of a city or a region which is perceived as modern and providing for tourists’ or dwellers’ needs. Smart Station is also a free database of high quality statistics about tourists’ preferences or traffic intensity in strategic city areas. The analysis of such data helps create long-term marketing strategies, improve city infrastructure or manage communication more effectively.

Another solution which you are launching on the market is Smart Tour. How can the system help tourism management? 

The problem numerous bodies responsible for regional tourism face is information chaos as well as  lack of communication coherence, common systems and databases, together with an easy access to mobile information, which is often reduced to a board or a leaflet with basic information. To plan a journey, book accommodation, etc, various unconnected systems have to be used. The Smart Tour device connects all those systems. It works as an application and a website in different language versions. Besides, Smart Tour is a complete and reliable source of information about hiking trails, monuments, hotels and restaurants, services and communication, etc., as well as enables a detailed data filtering, price comparing and services booking. A loyalty programme is another important element of Smart Tour and the collected points can be exchanged for discounts or prizes. Additionally, Smart Tour is user friendly. The device creates and publicizes a region brand. Besides, Smart Tour can be also used for integration of subjects which frequently act independently instead of connecting their efforts. Therefore, Smart Tour is a strategic enterprise for regions. In the long run it offers priceless advantages – the customer’s satisfaction intensifying tourist flow and life quality improvement, and, what it  involves, investment as well as economic growth. Smart Tour is our future.

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